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Elkie Brooks

The long-awaited professional re-emergence of Elkie Brooks, via the music television reality show Reborn In The USA, has introduced the undisputed vocal and performing talents of one of Britain’s finest female singers of the last half century to a brand new generation of fans, as well as serving as a timely reminder of her quality music to Elkie’s original admirers.

Elkie, whose early musical influences included Billie Holiday, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, is a vocalist whose singing style has successfully embraced pop, rock, ballads, blues and jazz, and a performer who has never compromised herself in order to pursue the latest pop music trend.

Elkie’s many hit singles have endured to the present day, with pop standards like Don’t Cry Out Loud, Sunshine After The Rain, Pearl’s A Singer, Lilac Wine, Fool If You Think It’s Over and No More The Fool still garnering airplay more than two decades after their original release. A succession of big selling-albums have also underlined Elkie’s persistent search for quality and excellence during a lengthy performing and recording career dating back some four decades.

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